What Employers Need to about OSHA Work-Related Injury Reporting Rule

In May of this year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule which requires certain employers to submit data from work-related injuries electronically to OSHA. This rule becomes effective January 1, 2017, however, compliance with anti-retaliation provisions and reporting deadlines will take effect throughout 2019.OSHA Work Related Injury Reporting

What Employers are Affected by the OSHA Work Related Injury Reporting Rule?

The rule on mandatory electronic reporting of occupational injuries and illness data applies to employers that:

  • Have at least 250 employees; or
  • Have between 20 and 249 employees and are in a high-risk industry

All employers must report

  1. All work-related fatalities within 8 hours.
  2. All work-related inpatient hospitalizations, all amputations and all losses of an eye within 24 hours.

You can report to OSHA by

  1. Calling OSHA’s free and confidential number at 1-800-321-OSHA (6742).
  2. Calling your closest Area Office during normal business hours.
  3. Using the new online form.

The final rule will allow OSHA to focus its efforts more effectively to prevent fatalities and serious work-related injuries and illnesses. It will also improve access by employers, employees, researchers and the public to information about workplace safety and health and increase their ability to identify and abate serious hazards.

What Employers Should Do:

If you need to report under the guidelines, you will need to become familiar with the requirements in the final rule:

  • Review your record keeping and anti-retaliation policies and procedures to ensure they are in compliance with OSHA requirements
  • Consider transitioning OSHA record keeping practices to an electronic format once details on how and where to submit electronic information to OSHA have been released.

Contact HealthCare for Business or see the OSHA web page for more information on the tracking and reporting of workplace injuries and illnesses.