Occupational Medicine

How to Select Your Occupational Health Provider

Running a successful business involves taking risks–some calculated, some based on pure intuition and many out of your control. One of the uncontrollable factors that impact your business in a major way is the health of your employees.  Even if you have safety standards and wellness programs in place, you […]

Choosing Your Occupational health provider

pre-employment drug screen

What Does a Medical Review Officer Do?

In the field of occupational medicine, a Medical Review Officer or MRO plays a critical role during the employee drug screening process. The MRO is a licensed physician who works directly with the lab and employer throughout each step of the process. They ensure the data and results gathered during […]

How Workplace Wellness Can Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs

Today’s working population has an average age of 42 and approximately 10 percent of Americans are living with chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma and more. Obesity coupled with the fact that people are more sedentary, highlight a growing need for business owners to take proactive measures to improve the overall […]

Employee Wellness Programs

Company Flu Clinics

10 Ways to Maximize Your Company’s Flu Clinic

Each year, the flu costs businesses approximately $10.4 billion in direct costs for hospitalizations and outpatient visits. One way to minimize absenteeism and other costs due to the flu this season is to offer an onsite flu clinic at no or low cost to your employees. By offering a flu clinic to […]

5 Apps Your Lake County Trucking Company Needs

In the last few years, it seems like apps for smartphones and tablets have taken over as the “go-to” resource for many consumers. Even businesses are increasingly relying on apps to help boost efficiency and make the most out of limited resources and budgets. Trucking companies are no different. While […]

Top apps for trucking companies

What Your Drivers Need to Obtain a CDL Medical Certificate

Are you looking to hire a new truck driver?  Be aware of the medical requirements for obtaining a Commercial Drivers’ License Medical Certificate:   A CDL driver must have at least 20/40 vision in each eye, with or without glasses A CDL driver cannot be an insulin dependent diabetic A […]

CDL Medical Certificate