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5 Ways to Prep Your Office & Employees for Flu Season

It starts with one. A single cough or a muffled sneeze from a coworker sitting in the next office. Within days, the entire staff is sick, passing germs back and forth¬†faster than leftover brownies in the lunch room. It happens every cold and flu season, an epidemic rages throughout the […]

Flu season in the office

Which Flu Vaccine: Quadrivalent or Trivalent Influenza Vaccine

For years, flu vaccinations have been trivalent, meaning it protects again three different flu viruses: two A viruses and B virus. Trivalent vaccines have forced experts to choose between two different B viruses for that year’s vaccination, even though both type of B viruses spread in most seasons. This restrictive […]

Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine

Cleaning to prevent the flu

3 Ways to Clean Your Office to Prevent the Flu

Most studies have shown that the flu virus can live and potentially infect a person for two to eight hours after being deposited on a surface. While the first line of defense in preventing the flu is to get you and your employees vaccinated, properly cleaning areas around your workplace […]