Surprising Facts About Employee Drug Abuse

Drug and alcohol testingDrug abuse is a widespread problem, affecting all classes of people and infiltrating all types of workplaces. In fact, of the 20 million adults who have been classified as having drug dependence issues, approximately 12 million were employed full time.

For employers, substance abuse is extremely costly due to high absenteeism, lower job productivity and performance.

Additionally, drug and alcohol abuse contributes a significant amount of health expenses and can increase workers’ compensation or disability claims.

Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Statistics from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation reveal just how damaging and costly drug abuse in the workplace can be for employers:

  • 75% of drug abusers are employees, 1/3 of those are employed full-time
  • Substance users are 33%-50% less productive
  • Users are absent an average of three weeks or more per year
  • Employees who use are tardy three times more than non-users
  • On the job accidents occur three to four times more often with drug users
  • Substance users file 300-400 percent more costly medical claims
  • An estimated 50-80 percent of all theft and loss is due to substance-using employees

What Employers Should Know About Employee Drug Abuse

In order to address drug abuse in the workplace, employers need to understand addiction, the prevalence amongst employees and the costs related to abuse. There are no quick fixes to substance abuse in the workplace, however, implementing a solid drug policy and conducting frequent drug testing can help deter employees from using.

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