BWC Claims From the time a work-related injury occurs until your employee is back to performing normal job duties, medical oversight is required to ensure proper compliance with the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation and protection of your company for future legal issues. HealthCare for Business can help effectively manage your workers’ compensation claims.

Injuries which seem minor can flare up causing problems for the employee in the performance of duties. HealthCare for Business specializes in the care of the injured worker from date of incident to their full-return to work. From Care Management to MCO communication, our first priority is to return your employee to health and productivity.

  • Injury Care – Dr. Hanahan is a certified OH BWC Provider who handles all employment related injuries and illnesses.  Dr. Hanahan can become your Physician of Record and handle the complete coordination of your claim.
  • Case Management HealthCare for Business provides your company with personalized attention to each worker’s compensation case including coordination of all reports for Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC), employers, attorney’s and the injured worker.

HealthCare for Business will act as the Physician of Record (POR) is a position of extreme importance to the injured worker and the employer. When your employees designate us as the POR, we coordinate and communicate with all treating providers and are the contact for the employer for all medical concerns.

Important BWC Forms:

Request for Temporary Total Compensation

First Report of an Injury, Occupational Disease or Death

Notice to Change Physician of Record

Helpful Links:

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