How to Select the Right Truck Driver for Your Business

The shortage of quality drivers has plagued the trucking industry for years and has been attributed to several Hire the Right CDL Driverfactors. Business growth, retiring drivers and fewer young people choosing a career in commercial driving are a few, however, driver turn over seems to be the most harmful to companies.

How to Select the Right Truck Driver for Your Business

The costs for recruitment and training of new drivers is substantial, making a quality hiring process imperative to obtaining safe and dependable fleet. 

Before you begin the hiring process, evaluate your company’s current level of pay and benefits, the steadiness of the work you are able to offer and other key factors which impact the attractiveness of the position. 

By offering substantial benefits and support for your drivers, you will attract more quality drivers interested in long-term employment.

  1. Recruit well-qualified candidates by highlighting minimum requirements in your advertisements.
  2. Consider promoting current employees, asking internally for referrals and using industry contacts.
  3. Require all candidates to include personal references when completing their job application.
  4. Check the validity of the candidates’ drivers’ licenses to make sure they are valid, current and the correct issue for the type of open position. Make photocopies of this information for their personal file.
  5. Conduct face-to-face interviews and inquire about gaps in employment along with fleet safety awards earned with respect to the amount of time the applicants have worked in their positions.
  6. Inquire about any accidents or violations within the last three years and compare the information they supply with the information in their motor vehicle records.
  7. Contact former employers and request legal records or complete a background check, including all available drug and alcohol screening reports.

Consider expanding your candidate pool to include non-traditional applicants such as military veterans, women and minorities. Make sure you are able to offer comprehensive training for your new hires along with giving drivers the opportunity for advancement. Research has shown if drivers receive training that enables them to advance within your company, they are less likely to leave.

Your emphasis on safety should extend beyond the hiring and initial training of new drivers. Establish company initiatives which recognize drivers with positive attitudes toward safety and who maintain good driving records. Once you hire a driver, they should be considered one of your most valuable assets who should be continually invested in financially, with education and extensive support.