DOT Consortium

CDL Exam for Safe DriversA Consortium is a large group of drivers made up of smaller companies.  In order to stay compliant with the DOT regulations 49 CFR Part 40 certain commercial motor vehicle operators are subject to random drug and alcohol tests.

Specifically, 25% of your drivers must be drug screened annually and 10% must be alcohol screened.  A Consortium can take that burden away and ensure that you are remaining both cost-effective and compliant.

Please Note:  If an applicant is new to the industry or has not participated in a DOT random screening program in the past 30 days, he/she is required to perform a pre-employment screen before enrolling in a Consortium.  All Consortium participants must have a pre-employment screen on file with their company.

The benefits of a DOT Consortium:

  • Quarterly random computerized selections
  • Quarterly and annual compliance reporting
  • MRO (Medical Review Officer) review included
  • Larger pool of drivers as all drivers in the Consortium are eligible for testing
  • Eliminates the responsibility of tracking screenings

Click on the link below to review the full DOT Consortium Agreement with HealthCare for Business:

HealthCare for Business Consortium Agreement