What CDL Drivers & Employer Can Expect with the New DOT Medical Forms

In 2015, the Department of Transportation issued new Medical Examiner Report Forms and Cards for the CDL physicals.  While they were intended to be mandatory on December 22 2015, the active date for the new forms has been extended until April 20, 2016. This extension has been implemented to ensure […]

Medical Examiner Forms Deadline

DOT consortium

Why Your Company Should Join a Drug Consortium

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is lowering the random drug-testing rate for commercial motor vehicle drivers. For 2016, the random drug-testing rate has been lowered to 25%, resulting from a provision in each DOT’s agency’s drug testing rule. The rule gives DOT the discretion to lower the testing rate to […]

Changes to Medical Reports for CDL Drivers

Changes to Medical Reports for CDL Drivers Taking Place December 22, 2015 Beginning December 22, 2015 the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created new Medical Examiners Certificates and Medical Examination Reports for CDL drivers. Many changes on the forms are for the physicians, but the are a few things […]

Changes for CDL Driver medical examination forms

Surprising Conditions for DOT Medical Exam

5 Surprising Conditions That Can Impact a DOT CDL Physical

The DOT Physical is one of the most important qualifications for any CDL driver. It ensures both the safety of the CDL holder and the other drivers who share the road. There are basic medical requirements all drivers must meet, including: 20/40 correctable vision, meaning the driver can wear eye […]

The Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Hiring DOT CDL Drivers

Drug testing is an important component of the hiring process. Failure to conduct a pre-employment screen violates federal regulations; however, when companies inquire about our consortium services, 80% of them do not have a pre-employment drug screen on file. We are always surprised to hear that an employer does not have […]

Biggest mistake hiring cdl drivers

Selecting DOT Consortium

10 Must-Know Qualifications for Selecting a DOT Consortium

Many employers we speak to understand the importance and necessity of drug testing their drivers. However, many do not know where to start because the implementation of a drug misuse program can be a huge undertaking for companies of any size. A successful and compliant drug program involves strategic planning, […]

How to Establish a Wellness Program for Your CDL Drivers

The Health Issues Plaguing Truck Drivers The United States has over 7 million truck drivers on the roads, most of whom are obese and plagued by diabetes, hypertension, pre-hypertension along with other diseases. According to a recent article in Corporate Wellness Magazine, the prevalence of these diseases is at least 50% higher compared […]

Wellness program

Hire the Right CDL Driver

How to Select the Right Truck Driver for Your Business

The shortage of quality drivers has plagued the trucking industry for years and has been attributed to several factors. Business growth, retiring drivers and fewer young people choosing a career in commercial driving are a few, however, driver turn over seems to be the most harmful to companies. How to […]

Distracted Driving

What CDL Drivers Need to Know about Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways. In 2012 alone, 3,328 were killed in distracted driving crashes. Distracted driving has always been a top hazard facing CDL drivers. With the increase of cell phone use, especially texting, truck drivers face more challenges than ever to focus on safety […]