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5 Ways to Prep Your Office & Employees for Flu Season

It starts with one. A single cough or a muffled sneeze from a coworker sitting in the next office. Within days, the entire staff is sick, passing germs back and forth faster than leftover brownies in the lunch room. It happens every cold and flu season, an epidemic rages throughout the […]

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Scary Symptoms of the Flu

  As the survivors of the hit show the Walking Dead are all too aware of, a virus can spread rapidly, infecting neighbors, towns and the entire country. Those infected, transform from energetic, happy people to zombies, easily identified by their slow movements, incoherent mumblings and seemingly dead eyes. Zombie State: Flu Season Although […]

7 Must-Know Facts About the Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine

You have several options when it comes to the flu vaccine, however, selecting which one is right for you can be challenging. One of our most frequently asked questions about the flu shot is the difference between trivalent and quadrivalent flu vaccinations. What is the quadrivalent flu vaccine? The quadrivalent vaccine […]


Trivalent vs Quadrivalent Flu Vaccinations: Which One Should You Get?

What is the difference between the trivalent and quadrivalent flu vaccine? One of our most frequently asked questions about the flu shot is the difference between trivalent and quadrivalent flu vaccinations. Traditionally, flu vaccinations have been trivalent, meaning it protects again three different flu viruses. The strains of virus the […]

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13 Severe Flu Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Know the Signs of Severe Flu Symptoms Recently, a patient came in who was experiencing flu-like symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, body aches and chills. Like most who contract the flu virus, the patient only had a mild case of the illness and did not require medical care or antiviral […]

Why Skipping the Flu Vaccine is Always a Bad Idea

Every year, health care professionals across the country encourage those in the surrounding community to get the flu vaccine. Manufacturing projections for the 2014 flu season are between 151-159 million doses with approximately 70 million doses already distributed. Flu Symptoms: The Bad and the Ugly Even with all the benefits of […]

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5 Reasons Now is the Time To Protect Yourself from the Flu

Influenza, or the flu, can hit at any time, however, we typically see the most cases in during the winter months with it peaking between November and March.  An estimated 5 to 20% of the US population contracts the virus throughout the season. Of those cases, over 200,000 are hospitalized and […]