What Employers Need to about OSHA Work-Related Injury Reporting Rule

In May of this year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule which requires certain employers to submit data from work-related injuries electronically to OSHA. This rule becomes effective January 1, 2017, however, compliance with anti-retaliation provisions and reporting deadlines will take effect throughout 2019. What […]

OSHA Work Related Injury Reporting

Choosing Your Occupational health provider

How to Select Your Occupational Health Provider

Running a successful business involves taking risks–some calculated, some based on pure intuition and many out of your control. One of the uncontrollable factors that impact your business in a major way is the health of your employees.  Even if you have safety standards and wellness programs in place, you […]

What CDL Drivers & Employer Can Expect with the New DOT Medical Forms

In 2015, the Department of Transportation issued new Medical Examiner Report Forms and Cards for the CDL physicals.  While they were intended to be mandatory on December 22 2015, the active date for the new forms has been extended until April 20, 2016. This extension has been implemented to ensure […]

Medical Examiner Forms Deadline

Avoid BWC Claim Issues

How to Avoid Issues with Your BWC Claim

How Physician of Record Issues Can Impact a BWC Claim Recently, HealthCare for Business had a patient who was injured on the job and had a specialist recommended he have a holter monitor done.  A holter monitor continuously records a patient’s heart activity (ECG) for 24 to help his or her physician correlate symptoms […]

Why Your Company Should Join a Drug Consortium

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is lowering the random drug-testing rate for commercial motor vehicle drivers. For 2016, the random drug-testing rate has been lowered to 25%, resulting from a provision in each DOT’s agency’s drug testing rule. The rule gives DOT the discretion to lower the testing rate to […]

DOT consortium

Surprising Facts About Employee Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a widespread problem, affecting all classes of people and infiltrating all types of workplaces. In fact, of the 20 million adults who have been classified as having drug dependence issues, approximately 12 million were employed full time. For employers, substance abuse is extremely costly due to high […]

Drug and alcohol testing

pre-employment drug screen

What Does a Medical Review Officer Do?

In the field of occupational medicine, a Medical Review Officer or MRO plays a critical role during the employee drug screening process. The MRO is a licensed physician who works directly with the lab and employer throughout each step of the process. They ensure the data and results gathered during […]

Changes to Medical Reports for CDL Drivers

Changes to Medical Reports for CDL Drivers Taking Place December 22, 2015 Beginning December 22, 2015 the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created new Medical Examiners Certificates and Medical Examination Reports for CDL drivers. Many changes on the forms are for the physicians, but the are a few things […]

Changes for CDL Driver medical examination forms

Flu season in the office

5 Ways to Prep Your Office & Employees for Flu Season

It starts with one. A single cough or a muffled sneeze from a coworker sitting in the next office. Within days, the entire staff is sick, passing germs back and forth faster than leftover brownies in the lunch room. It happens every cold and flu season, an epidemic rages throughout the […]