5 Ways to Prep Your Office & Employees for Flu Season

Flu season in the officeIt starts with one. A single cough or a muffled sneeze from a coworker sitting in the next office.

Within days, the entire staff is sick, passing germs back and forth faster than leftover brownies in the lunch room.

It happens every cold and flu season, an epidemic rages throughout the office, following employees into their homes and infecting them and their families.

Educating your employees about the flu season can help your employees stay healthy, reducing the time they miss work due to illness. Flu season has already begun and, dependent on the virus, can continue into the early spring making office healthfulness critical.

How to Keep Your Employees Healthy this Flu Season

The first line of defense is to encourage your employees to receive a flu vaccination as early as possible. It takes approximately two weeks to take affect and once in your system, it stays in your system for around three months keeping your body well protected.

There are other ways to keep your employees healthy during this flu season.

Stay home: Encourage employees who are sick to stay home and recover. Make sure your staff knows they can take sick time without penalty. Create a list of symptoms which, if a employee experiences, would support having them stay home.

Wash hands: People touch their t-zone (hands, mouth and nose) hundreds of times a day, making the transfer of germs quicker and easier. Post signs in employee restrooms, break rooms and other shared areas reminding staff to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Place antibacterial hand sanitizer around the office to encourage people to clean their hands regularly.

Keep hydrated: As the temperature drops outside, the heat indoors rises. Indoor heating systems create dry air, dehydrating your employees. Make sure your employees get plenty of fluids during the workday by providing a water cooler, water bottles or other type of hydration station. Utilizing a humidifier throughout the areas in your office can help put moisture into the air, relieving dry skin, sinus congestion, dry throat and reducing the occurrence of a cold or flu.

Clean up: Use disinfecting wipes or sprays to clean commonly used surfaces such as drawer handles, microwaves, sinks, coffee pots, telephones, fax machines and other equipment.

Get ready: Prepare a seasonal emergency kit for the office which includes: tissues, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and lozenges. Organize a flu clinic and encourage your staff to get vaccinated to reduce the spread of disease.

HealthCare for Business can come to your office and give vaccinations to your employees, ensuring your staff has the best defense against the flu this season.

Click here for more information about flu clinic services or other vaccination options.