5 Resources to Help You Get Healthy in 2016

January is a popular time for people to decide it’s time to get healthy. For most people the big challenge is finding the right resource to jump start your resolution and have it become a life style change.

Get Healthy in 2016: Weight Loss Information

HealthCare for Business wants you to be focused on healthy living and wellness this year. We’re 4222533261_97e032f908_zproviding our patients with information and contacts for different weight loss programs that can help you reach your goals!

  1. Lake Health Wellness Institute – Call 440-375-8153 and learn more about all of the classes and programs they offer for the community. Check out Lake Health.org to learn more also.
  2. Ashtabula County Medical Center – Call 440-998-3488 (Premier Fitness) to learn about community programs and challenges that they offer. Health For Life 2016 is just under way and is an amazing program involving nutrition classes and free passes to numerous local gyms.
  3. Weight Watchers – Go online to weightwatchers.com to learn about the different options they offer to join. This is a great program where you can participate online or go to weekly meetings. You can also check online for your local center and contact them as well.
  4. My Fitness Pal app – This is a free app for both Iphones and Androids where you can track your exercise and nutrition. If interested in this, please ask a HCFB staff member for the informational flyer.
  5. YMCA – Check out your local YMCA for numerous classes, both exercise and informational. Financial aid is also offered, contact your local YMCA for more details. These are great facilities where you can participate and get your family involved as well!

These are just a few of the programs offered in the Lake and Ashtabula county area. Dr. Hanahan highly recommends that you look into one of these and start heading towards a healthier you!

Employer? Give your employees Weight Loss Flyer of local resources to start getting healthy today.