Which Flu Vaccine: Quadrivalent or Trivalent Influenza Vaccine

Quadrivalent Influenza VaccineFor years, flu vaccinations have been trivalent, meaning it protects again three different flu viruses: two A viruses and B virus. Trivalent vaccines have forced experts to choose between two different B viruses for that year’s vaccination, even though both type of B viruses spread in most seasons.

This restrictive type of selection decreased the effectiveness of the flu vaccine as it did not help to protect against the second group of B viruses that was not included in the vaccine. The quadrivalent vaccine adds another B virus to the vaccine which helps broaden the level of protection to the recipient.

There are other differences between the trivalent and the quadrivalent flu vaccine:

  • The CDC does not recommend one type over the other.
  • Studies are still ongoing researching the greater effectiveness of quadrivalent over trivalent
  • Of the 135-139 MILLION doses of influenza vaccine being manufactured this season, only 30-32 MILLION will be quadrivalent.

The quadrivalent is not as widely available as the trivalent vaccination, however, there are ample supplies of the trivalent vaccination so far in the flu season. Getting vaccinated is the best way you can protect you and your family this year from becoming ill with the flu.

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